Monday, July 30, 2007


I've decided that my next license plate is going to say ASBSTS. It's not because I have a particularly strong love affair with this cancer causing substance, but because I think it will leave plenty of people wondering what I am trying to say. People are not going to understand why someone would have such a strong feeling for asbestos. I mean, aren't license plates supposed to be for something we really have a strong stance on?

On any given day, you will notice many different personalized plates. I, for one, cannot keep up with what people are trying to say. I personally feel like I am somewhat of an expert on this subject because my family members have used them for years. Alas, I have been the main holdout until now. My mother has always had the plate "9A" and of course dad was "9asgary". There was no way I was going to be "9ASGreg". Wasn't going to happen. I believe my brother avoided using personalized plates as well. Oh, and don't forget "MAPARK" out at the lake. I'm sure the list could go on and on.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not hating on folks that decide personalized plates are for them. Some of them are very clever. Some of them even elicit a chuckle from me. I remember growing up, one of my friends parents had personalized plates and that was the only name I would call her by. She quickly memorized my plates and from that day forward, I was 089515S. Fortunately, it was her people would think was crazy.

The reason I find them frustrating is that I cannot figure half of them out. I don't know if people are Gator Hators or Gator Lovers. Do they want Bonds to break the home run record or not? Moreover, exactly which Chicago team do they support? Some even try to be intellectual. Of course, they go right over my head.

The state of Nevada randomly assigned me my current plates so I need to come up with a meaning for them I guess. Hmmmmm.....923PNC..... I guess we could try 9 23 year-olds puked and called it a day, or 92 3 year-olds peed in a cup. See, this is hard. That is why I like ASBSTS. People will spend the next 500 miles trying to figure out what it means. Those of them that do figure out that it stands for ASBESTOS will then be really confused. They will spend another 500 miles trying to figure out why someone would have a license plate that said asbestos. That is the goal, isn't it? How do you think I came up with the idea for this blog? Driving across the hot desert, you have a lot of time to think.

Personally, I think 923 people need a clue. Hey, it's my plate so that's the way I see it.


andrea27 said...

I think that you should have your license plate say bgssby (: Seems like there are a lot more personalized plates here in LV, but maybe there are just more cars here. Hmmmm...

Bates said...

Ok, what's with the word verification?

Oh well, I loved your license plate post! Due to my love of the written word, I have to figure out all personalized license plates and get incredibly (rediculously) angry when they are not obvious. I almost want to scream at the driver about how they could possibly put something in public view that the public can't figure out! I know, this is absolutely crazy. My favorite for your 923PNC plate is 92 3 year-olds peed in a cup, but I would never be able to figure this out and wouldn't want to get mad at you. So, stay with the generic and don't bother with personalized plates (unless it's obvious to all what you mean!)

Michele's Message said...

I like to see the personalized plates. It keeps me going on long road trips. I do not have one myself, but only because I can not think of something that will drive others crazy.