Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bye Bye Bottle

A few months ago it was a sad few days at the Cole household. The one true love that our little dude had was the love of his bottle. I’m not talking a little crush here, but a true infatuation. We let him keep it longer than many people suggested simply because it was the one thing that immediately fired him up. The neighbors down the block could probably here him screaming when the clock reached 8:00 PM and we went to the cupboard and pulled out that bottle.

Matthew would quickly run all around the house to tell everyone inside that there was a bottle. It was the most exciting thing I’ve ever seen. I don’t think I had ever saw true joy before until that bottle came out of hiding every night.

We decided that we would take it away while we were out of town. We went to San Diego for a weekend and simply told him that we didn’t have it. He accepted that right away since he doesn’t get to have it at the babysitter’s house and he seemed to know that it was just something for our house.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t a huge issue when we got home. He seemed to sense that it was coming. I think I took it harder than he did. For quite a while I missed the pure joy on his face and in his eyes that accompanied that nightly ritual. He’s since replaced it with other things that make him excited and happy. He loves it when his mom comes home from tutoring and reads him a story or right before bed time I give him tickle attacks and he returns the favor. Few things get him more excited than playing hide and seek. He even gets to the point where he tells me where to hide.

But I really miss that bottle. It seems unfair to take anything from someone who gets so much joy out of something so simple….it doesn’t seem right. In a couple of more months, I’ll probably be over it but I’m not sure why we punished me by taking it from me. Everyone should have a bottle, at least that is the view as I see it.

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