Friday, May 16, 2008

A real Down Home Mystery

It’s quite a mystery around the Cole house the last couple of weeks. About a month ago I let you know that poor Lil Matthew was forced to get off the bottle forever (seemed like a good idea: even my father gave up the bottle some time ago). It was a pretty trying time for me, although he seemed to go with the flow the way little kids can do.

However, the news got worse. Some friends of ours from back home (Iowa) were out here visiting before his brother’s wedding down on the strip; they stayed with us and we spent some time out at Red Rock and just enjoying the company that only Iowa folks can share (that’s a story for another day: Hopefully we will be seeing them during the ISU – UNLV football whooping that will be taking place in August). Unfortunately, on the Thursday that they arrived the lil dude’s Padres blankie went missing.

It is quite a mystery, because I have turned the house upside down looking for it. I don’t understand how it could just disappear. I even went on Ebay looking to see if it was on the auction block. Those of you that know my wife will understand that everything is up for sale at our house. If it can be listed on-line, there is a good chance we will sell it. But in this case I wasn’t able to find it on sale their either.

The poor guy, first his bottle and now the PADRES BLANKIE. Obviously, he got over it right away and just moved on to another blankie but it is driving me crazy. I got that blanket for him during a give-away at the Padres game where a bunch of us guys from Vegas went to PETCO Park and saw the Padres whip up on someone. So there is a lot of sentimental value there regarding the blankie. My friend Mike said he would give his up so that Matthew can have a Padres blanket again, so I may need to take him up on that offer soon. I can’t have the little dude going through life without such an important part of brainwashing development. How can I possibly guarantee that he ends up a life-long Padres fan if he doesn’t see something everyday that reminds him of the Friars?

I know such brainwashing works; because I still follow the Cornhuskers to this day and growing up in Central Iowa there would be no real reason to follow them. My only guess could be that my family of Nebraska natives turned me on to them. Besides, I’ve got my work cut out for me. All of our friends out here follow the Cubs, so I definitely need an advantage. Even our triple A team, the 51’s, are part of the LA Dodgers organization so he will get exposed to the Dodgers too.

The biggest regret that I have about losing the blankie is that I didn’t search the Tighes before they left. I’m sure they couldn’t think of a better souvenir than a Padres blanket straight from the city. It would have been easy to put in their luggage and they knew I didn’t have the sophisticated security system of the airport, so they would easily be the proud new owners of a Padres blanket.

I mean, why else would you come to Vegas? Anyway, that’s how I see it.


tighe said...

Busted! You're right. We were not in Vegas to see our good friends who we hadn't seen in a couple of years or for my brother's wedding, we were actually there on a secret mission to capture the Padre's blanket and stop the brainwashing of poor little Matthew!! We all know what he really wants and needs is a RED SOX blanket!!

Note: Upon returning from Vegas we did not find the blanket anywhere in our luggage. I'm sure Matthew has it hidden in a supper safe spot. Probably beside a few pairs of shoes!!

Marcie said...

hey look...'sticky fingers' tighe is trying to call you a liar now. first he steals, then he lies about it...don't trust that kid...

vegasviaiowa said...

Marcie made a good point here.